Whether you’re selling your home, moving into a new one, or need help to de clutter your home, you need home staging.

But if you’ve never used home staging before, you’re probably wondering if its even in your budget.

How much does it cost to stage a home? Keep reading to find out!

Deciding What Level of Home Staging You Need

The first step in figuring out how much Home Staging costs is deciding what type and level of staging you need in your home. There are a variety of types of staging to choose from.

Staging to Sell

If you want to get your home staged to sell, there are two main types to choose from.

The first would be for homes that are lived in. This staging includes cutting down on clutter, putting personal items in storage, and adding key pieces to make your home look more attractive to buyers.

The other type of staging that you might need when trying to sell your home is full-house staging. This is necessary when trying to sell a vacant home.

With vacant Home Staging, a professional Home Stager will to add furniture, decor and accessories, to key rooms and area. This type of staging helps potential buyers visualize what a home would look lived in.

Staging a New or Lived-in Home

The next type of staging is for new or lived-in homes that aren’t being sold.

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment and dreading the unpacking process, a home stager can handle everything for you. From unpacking boxes to turning a house into a home, a home stager handles everything!

You can also call in a home stager if you’ve lived in your home for years. Use their services to clean up a basement, organize your garage, or otherwise declutter your home.

Choose Between DIY or Total Home Staging

Once you’ve decided what type of home staging you need, the next step in figuring out what it’ll cost you is deciding whether you want to do the work on your own or leave it to a pro.

If you’re looking to add a few key details to a home to prepare it to sell or you need to declutter a small space, you can likely do the work yourself. But it’s a good idea to get some help figuring out exactly what you need to do to stage your home properly.

If you need major staging, like unpacking your entire home on a timeline or getting a house ready to sell, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to a professional.

While DIYing your home staging might seem cheaper, it will take you far longer, and require skills and an understanding of how to stage a home properly that you might not have.

How Much Does it Cost to Stage a Home

Because there are so many different types of home staging available, there are many answers to the question “how much does it cost to stage a home.”

But whether you’re saving yourself the hassle of unpacking, decluttering so you can enjoy your home, or staging to sell, home staging is an investment that always pays off.

When it comes to staging Sarasota luxury homes, I know exactly what it takes to get your house looking and feeling like home. Contact me today to see how I can help you stage your home!