Home Staging Layouts: Important Room-By-Room Home Staging Strategies to Know

Home Staging Layouts: Important Room-By-Room Home Staging Strategies to Know

When you bought your current home, you likely encountered three types of listings. There were the ones that were completely empty and felt a little creepy.

Then there were the “we’re-still-living-here listings,” meaning that the houses looked lived in, with photos, decorations, and personal belongings.

You must have also seen perfect houses, which made you wish the price included the Home Staging layouts. Most likely, those homes were the most competitive from a pricing perspective.

And that’s not a coincidence. People like homes with thought-out staging. If you want to know where to put your resources when it comes to your own home staging, read below.

Make the Most of Staging Layouts

Staging all the rooms in your home can be expensive, and we understand that. That’s why we want you to concentrate on the following spaces instead of spreading your budget too thin.

The Entryway

When walking into your home, potential buyers should feel welcome. Other than the outside of your house, the entryway is the first thing they see.

Luckily, entryways don’t need much in terms of Home Staging. A table, a piece of art, and some accessories are enough. You can also add a nice runner rug if you’re willing to ask people to take off their shoes.

Give them the warm fuzzies when they walk through, and they’ll last throughout the entire tour.

The Kitchen

Where does most of the action in your house happen? For us and our families, it’s the kitchen. It’s where people gather to make conversation and enjoy their meals.

If you have small children, the kitchen is probably the messiest room in your home too. That’s okay — but it’s an extra reason to clean it up and stage it.

Some cute dish towels, a nice fruit bowl, and other accessories go a long way. Check out some options here.

The Living Room

Where you spend most of the time in your home has a lot to do with its unique layout. For most people, the living room is a preferred choice.

When you’re staging it, opt for a big comfy couch and cute throw pillows. Keep it light and airy, but don’t shy away from family pictures. It’s okay for this room to have a family vibe.

The Bedroom

Probably the third most popular room in the house — after the kitchen and the family room — is your bedroom. Invest in a luxurious looking staging with bedspread and pillows.

You want your potential buyers to imagine themselves waking up there with some coffee in the morning. This may be the center where they’ll start or nurture their new family.

Make it comfy, welcoming, and full of light.

Find Inspiration for Your Staged Home

Finally, what’s the message you’re trying to get across with your home? Your staging layouts should match that vibe.

If your realtor listed it as a modern home, opt for contemporary furnishings. Cute and charming? You can go a little quirky.

Need some ideas? Click here for inspiration!

Everything You Need to Know About Living Room Staging

Everything You Need to Know About Living Room Staging

Have you found your dream home? Well, before you can move in and really make it yours, you’ll have to sell your current home.

The trick to doing this is to make someone else believe that your home is their dream home. How do you do this? By staging your home to look inviting, friendly, and stylish!

There are different tips and tricks that can help you stage each room to make buyers fall in love. Of course, the living room is one of the first rooms they’ll see, so it’s important that you make a good first impression.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about living room staging.

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you sell your home, you’ll have to make a few upgrades first, such as repainting. This will increase the value of your home and make it look more attractive to buyers. Of course, your living room is no exception.

Go with a light neutral color, like ivory or light grey in your living room. This will make your home appear clean and bright. Plus, it will be more likely to match your buyer’s style instead of going for a funky wallpaper or bold color.

Put Away Family Photos

The goal behind staging a home is to help buyers picture themselves living there. However, you don’t want to take this too far and keep personal touches on display.

Things like family photos should get stored away before you show your home. Leaving them out may make buyers feel like their touring your home instead of helping them see how it could be their home.

Accentuate the Focal Point

When you walk into the room, you want a focal point that will draw your eye in. This will help the room seem more interesting and stylish.

The good news is that are tons of potential focal points your living room may already have, such as a mantle, fireplace, arched doorway, high ceilings, or large windows. If your home doesn’t already have a focal point, you can easily create one by hanging a large painting or ornate mirror.

Find ways to draw attention to this area. You may choose to hang a TV above the mantle or point your furniture towards the fireplace, for example.

Pick the Right Furniture

It’s no secret that furniture is the most important part of a living room. If you don’t include furniture when you stage your home, it’ll be hard for potential buyers to picture living in your home and gauge if their furniture will fit.

Opt for a large sofa, coffee table, and (if you have room) a chair or two. You want to demonstrate how large your living room is without making it feel cluttered.

The Best Tips for Living Room Staging

Staging can make your home sell faster and for more money. Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be so complicated. Just follow our tips for living room staging to ensure your home makes a great first impression.

Do you want to enlist professional help to sell your home? Contact us today to learn more about our staging services.

The Complete Guide to Staging Sarasota Luxury Homes

The Complete Guide to Staging Sarasota Luxury Homes

Are you looking to sell your Sarasota home? With so many amazing homes on the market, you’ve got to show buyers that yours is the one they want.

How exactly do you do that? By helping your home look its absolute best! That’s right, i’m talking about Home Staging.

By having a professional Home Stager stage your home, your home will look and view at its best, amongst all Sarasota luxury homes. How is it done? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of Home Staging

When you stage your home, you don’t just show off the house. You’re showing off an entire lifestyle that can be lived inside that house. Show potential buyers the house’s full potential by helping it look its best.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, staging is the perfect answer. Staged homes sell quicker and achieve higher prices.

Tips for Staging a House

Home Staging your home may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with some basics:

  • Get rid of all clutter
  • Remove furniture that makes rooms look crowded
  • Clean walls, especially in kitchen areas that get dirty often
  • Keep items off of counters
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum thoroughly
  • Clean all bathrooms until they shine
  • Remove strong smells as much as possible (tobacco, food, pets, etc.)

Once you’re done with basic cleaning, you can start on some small fix-up projects:

  • Repaint walls that could use a facelift
  • Replace light fixtures with nicer ones
  • Replace family photos with unique art pieces
  • Install better lighting if the house is dark
  • Remove furniture

If you really want your house to look its best, let a professional stage your home for you. Letting someone else stage your home will really cut back on your stress and workload, too. Focus, instead, on the other details of moving and selling your home.

Sell Your Home Quicker!

Staging your home is only one way to sell it quickly. A great-looking house will only sell if people know about it.

Make sure you take all photographs when your house looks its best. Put that staging magic to good use!

Stand Out among Sarasota Luxury Homes

Sarasota luxury homes are stunning in and of themselves, but staging really takes them to the top. If you’re looking to sell, Home Staging is the way to go.

Try these simple tips, or have a professional stage your home for you. Potential buyers will love the effort and you’ll be rewarded for it.

I would love to help you stage your luxury home, please contact me to arrange a consultation.

How Much Does it Cost to Stage a Home in Sarasota?

How Much Does it Cost to Stage a Home in Sarasota?

Whether you’re selling your home, moving into a new one, or need help to de clutter your home, you need home staging.

But if you’ve never used home staging before, you’re probably wondering if its even in your budget.

How much does it cost to stage a home? Keep reading to find out!

Deciding What Level of Home Staging You Need

The first step in figuring out how much Home Staging costs is deciding what type and level of staging you need in your home. There are a variety of types of staging to choose from.

Staging to Sell

If you want to get your home staged to sell, there are two main types to choose from.

The first would be for homes that are lived in. This staging includes cutting down on clutter, putting personal items in storage, and adding key pieces to make your home look more attractive to buyers.

The other type of staging that you might need when trying to sell your home is full-house staging. This is necessary when trying to sell a vacant home.

With vacant Home Staging, a professional Home Stager will to add furniture, decor and accessories, to key rooms and area. This type of staging helps potential buyers visualize what a home would look lived in.

Staging a New or Lived-in Home

The next type of staging is for new or lived-in homes that aren’t being sold.

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment and dreading the unpacking process, a home stager can handle everything for you. From unpacking boxes to turning a house into a home, a home stager handles everything!

You can also call in a home stager if you’ve lived in your home for years. Use their services to clean up a basement, organize your garage, or otherwise declutter your home.

Choose Between DIY or Total Home Staging

Once you’ve decided what type of home staging you need, the next step in figuring out what it’ll cost you is deciding whether you want to do the work on your own or leave it to a pro.

If you’re looking to add a few key details to a home to prepare it to sell or you need to declutter a small space, you can likely do the work yourself. But it’s a good idea to get some help figuring out exactly what you need to do to stage your home properly.

If you need major staging, like unpacking your entire home on a timeline or getting a house ready to sell, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to a professional.

While DIYing your home staging might seem cheaper, it will take you far longer, and require skills and an understanding of how to stage a home properly that you might not have.

How Much Does it Cost to Stage a Home

Because there are so many different types of home staging available, there are many answers to the question “how much does it cost to stage a home.”

But whether you’re saving yourself the hassle of unpacking, decluttering so you can enjoy your home, or staging to sell, home staging is an investment that always pays off.

When it comes to staging Sarasota luxury homes, I know exactly what it takes to get your house looking and feeling like home. Contact me today to see how I can help you stage your home!