Are you looking to sell your Sarasota home? With so many amazing homes on the market, you’ve got to show buyers that yours is the one they want.

How exactly do you do that? By helping your home look its absolute best! That’s right, i’m talking about Home Staging.

By having a professional Home Stager stage your home, your home will look and view at its best, amongst all Sarasota luxury homes. How is it done? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of Home Staging

When you stage your home, you don’t just show off the house. You’re showing off an entire lifestyle that can be lived inside that house. Show potential buyers the house’s full potential by helping it look its best.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, staging is the perfect answer. Staged homes sell quicker and achieve higher prices.

Tips for Staging a House

Home Staging your home may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with some basics:

  • Get rid of all clutter
  • Remove furniture that makes rooms look crowded
  • Clean walls, especially in kitchen areas that get dirty often
  • Keep items off of counters
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum thoroughly
  • Clean all bathrooms until they shine
  • Remove strong smells as much as possible (tobacco, food, pets, etc.)

Once you’re done with basic cleaning, you can start on some small fix-up projects:

  • Repaint walls that could use a facelift
  • Replace light fixtures with nicer ones
  • Replace family photos with unique art pieces
  • Install better lighting if the house is dark
  • Remove furniture

If you really want your house to look its best, let a professional stage your home for you. Letting someone else stage your home will really cut back on your stress and workload, too. Focus, instead, on the other details of moving and selling your home.

Sell Your Home Quicker!

Staging your home is only one way to sell it quickly. A great-looking house will only sell if people know about it.

Make sure you take all photographs when your house looks its best. Put that staging magic to good use!

Stand Out among Sarasota Luxury Homes

Sarasota luxury homes are stunning in and of themselves, but staging really takes them to the top. If you’re looking to sell, Home Staging is the way to go.

Try these simple tips, or have a professional stage your home for you. Potential buyers will love the effort and you’ll be rewarded for it.

I would love to help you stage your luxury home, please contact me to arrange a consultation.