The way we live in our homes and the way we need to market our homes for sale are very different.

Most people will not realise the difference and the positive impact HOME STAGING will have and they need guidance. 

This is where I come in…….!

I am a Professional Accredited Master Home Stager (ASPM), which means I have received the highlest level of training in preparing properties for the market and helping you to sell quickly.

So my answer is always YES!

‘Sellers in this market you can’t afford not to Stage Your Home!’

  • Staged Homes Sell Faster
  • Staged Homes Sell for More $
  • Staged Homes have more visual impact in print and Avertising
  • Buyers view Staged Homes and hones that have been well taken care of.

REMEMBER: The investment in having an ASPM Staging your Home is less than a Price Reduction ON Your Home!